Our Vision

We believe that human capital constitutes the critical asset in the socio economic development of local communities. We also feel that the empowerment through education makes for better civil society.

SaS Billabong High is dedicated to grooming of competent and confident students dedicated to building a humane and, just society.

Core Purposes

  • To provide education where there is greater value on wisdom over knowledge
  • To appreciate individual creativity
  • To encourage free thinking and inquisitiveness to inquire
  • To use progressive technologies in the dissemination of knowledge
  • To inspire the art of sharing.
  • To provide an environment supportive of inclusive education and holistic growth
  • To lay the foundations of moral and social conscientiousness
  • To nurture and incubate talent and to build capacities in the areas of primary, secondary, technical and higher education
  • To mainstream and empower marginalized communities and minority groups and to work towards inclusion
  • To facilitate the building of humane and just societies through local initiatives