Shad Adam Shaikh Trust

SaS Billabong high was established in 2005 by the SaS Trust as one of its institutions. Dr Adam Usman Shaikh, the founder of the trust, acquired the school property in 1988 with the resolve to honor the Saint Maqdoomshah and establish a house of knowledge and learning near his mausoleum. The school and the faculty have always strived towards excellence and has had students as the focus of its endeavors. The effort has been to create an enabling ecosystem that fosters learning and a holistic development of the child.

Over the years the school has grown as a facilitator of knowledge from pre-primary to high school levels. It our proud privilege to have had a 100% of our students graduating the ICSE with distinction.

Looking ahead, the School looks forward to build upon the legacy of the Trust and to forge international links.

The Shad Adam Shaikh Trust was founded by Dr Adam Usman Shaikh, an administrator and educationist, with Qudsia Adam Shaikh, Sharifa Khateeb and Kausar RMH Jung as the trustees.

The Trust has been in the field of education since 1970, having established several schools, Jr College, Industrial Training Centre, Engineering and Pharmacy institutes under its umbrella. The Trust has been at the forefront of providing technical and vocational education and in mainstreaming the marginalized.

The Founders of the SaS Trust

Dr Adam Usman Shaikh

Qudsia Adam Shaikh

Sharifa Khateeb

Kausar RMH Jung

As an organization which believes in the philosophy, “education for all”, the Trust has been based on the principles of benevolence and striven for the last 45 years to provide education both to the needy and deserving and in working towards an inclusive society.