SaS Billabong High School

SaS Billabong High is an ICSE affiliated school established in 2005.

The school offers co-educational facilities from the Pre-primary upto the High school level.

The school was incepted based on the belief that empowerment of students through education makes a better civil society. As one of the institutes of the Shad Adam Shaikh Trust, SaS Billabong High strives to incubate, nurture and draw out latent talent. We believe in inclusion and the potential of a nascent generation to build a better, empowered and humane civil society.

We believe that each child deserves specialized attention to stimulate his or her intellectual thought and interest. The school provides a vibrant environment energized with stimuli where students are empowered through the process of self exploration. Reverence for their own Indian identity is promoted while at the same time international bonds are encouraged to inspire respect for all. Students are encouraged to become conscientious towards their role as citizens of the world.

Our parents play a crucial role in the realization of our vision of holistic development of students. The support of parents is constantly inspiring us to provide a child friendly learning environment.


Teaching Methodologies

The school grooms its students for the ICSE syllabus. At SaS Billabong High, the teaching methodologies focus on the concept of experiential learning. Most concepts are taught with an applicative approach.

From the Preschool years focus is placed on the improvement and enhancement of language skills. Literary and grammatical concepts are taught through storybooks rather than only conventional readers. These help develop the child’s reading and comprehension skills.

Math is taught with an applicative approach. Students engage in group activities to understand concepts practically.

Students get an opportunity to reconfirm and establish their learning through direct experiences. Field trips and educational tours are conducted every year to support the school’s philosophy of hands on learning. *Field trips are organized for all grades from Preschool onwards.

The School has creative assessments to evaluate student abilities and skills. The School has an automatic promotion policy till Grade 7.

School has repeatedly had 100% Distinction in its ICSE results

In 2012 the first batch of Grade 10 students gave the board exam for ICSE. All students passed in First division.