Director’s Message

The schooling process at SaS Billabong High School includes both the academic and non-academic learning. We nurture and help each child to realize his/her full potential. Each child is encouraged to develop a strong sense of self and develop creatively, socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. One of our objectives is to help parents see that there is a shift in the set of demands that children will have to cope with in the future. Parents need to believe as we do, that the simple ‘possession of knowledge’ will no longer suffice. Learning is a lifelong process and it needs to be our synergized goal to equip students with all the necessary skills to succeed in a challenging world. We endeavor to create an atmosphere wherein children can comprehend beyond the proverbial textbook and develop a spirit of scientific and rational enquiry. We believe that the school experience can only be truly valuable if it is a partnership between the school community, students and parents. Learners benefit the most when parents share the same value system as the school community.

Ms Jung, Director